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ITEM 10178. Pittsburgh, PA Engraved Compote with Hollow Baluster Stem. This elegant flint glass compote was blown in Pittsburgh C. 1835 and it would have served as the centerpiece of a table in a fine home of the period. $685


 ITEM 8167. MATCHING PAIR OF PAINT DECORATED FOOT STOOLS, one used lovingly and the other traured (and never seemingly used). Found in New England, likely of maine origin, mid 19th century. The stools each measure 6 ½"H x 12"W x 7 ¾"D. $750


ITEM 9129. POLITICALLY SIGNIFICANT REDWARE TANKARD incised "The Tilden and Hendricks "Noggin."" Lead glazed earthenware with painted gold highlights. The mug was potted 1876 to commemorate the disputed presidential election betweeen Rutherford B. Hayes and Samuel Tilden in which Tilden won the popular vote and lost the electoral college. This rare piece of redware is beiled to have been made in Concord, NH and it is in excellent with only minor glaze loss and flaking. The piece measures 6" in height. $2850 


 ITEM 10306, ENGRAVED BLOWN GLASS RUMMER OR GOBLET with four cockfighting scenes documenting the challenge to the kill. Both the object and the engraving are expertly rendered. English, 19th century. The piece stands 6 ½"H and is undamaged. $395


 ITEM 9912. PAINTED DOCUMENT OR VALUABLES BOX decorated with multi-colored stenciled theorems. Some wear and paint loss as shown, no restoration or in-painting. Original hinges and marbelized paper interior. The box was made and decorated in New England, C. 1825 and it measures 4 5/8"H x 13"W x 7 5/8"D. $1650


 ITEM 10160. Historically Significant Black Glass Seal Bottle Dated 1776. This important black glass seal bottle is previously undocumented. The identity of "R.R" is thus far unknown but only a person of significant means could have afforded the commission of such a bottle. The piece retains a pleasant luster and it is in overall fine ondition with just a small top of lip chip and a flake on the applied rim. Few seals marked with this date are known. $5500


ITEM 8625. HANDLED MOCHA MUG with foliate terminals and multi-colored banding. Delicately potted and well executed, retaining a bright overall palette. English, C. 1800. Short, tight line at rim, otherwise undamaged. Stands just over 3 ¾"H. $595


 ITEM 10021. THREE-PIECE MOLD APOTHECARY JAR WITH PAINTED LABEL reading "Jalapa Pulv." Bottle retains the original japanned tin cap. Undamaged with minor usage wear. A handsome English made bottle dating C. 1830 that stands slightly more than 10" in height. $875

 ITEM 9860. Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Young Aristocrat with His Rifle and Silver Mounted Powder Horn. Although we have been unable to determine the artist, this beautifully rendered picture is mounted on a Southern Yellow Pine stretcher, leading us to believe that it was painted in the Mid-Atlantic States, Virginia or perhaps as far South as Charlestown, South Carolina. Ther painting has been cleaned and revarnished - several small punctures were patched with an overall inpainting of less than 1.5% A full conservation report is available. The frame is a approprriate modern addition. $18,500


 ITEM 10249. BLOWN GLASS COMPOTE of diminutive proportions, measuring 6 1/8"H and 6"D. Created in Pittsburgh, C. 1840 with a blown u-shaped bowl attached to a stem with a bladed knopf and circular foot. Undamaged, exhibiting only minor usage wear. $245


 ITEM 9429. Oversized Dutch Case Gin Bottle, C. 1780. Standing a commanding 13 5/8" in height, this oversized Dutch gin bottle is an exceptional example of its type. The bottle dates to the last quarter of the 18th century and it is remarkably damage free, though it does exhibit many of the pleasingly crude qualities of early glass, including unmelted silica, "foamy galaxies" of bubbles and numerous inconsistencies and stretch marks as is expected of wood fired glass from the 18th century. This fine bottle towers over the traditionally sized Dutch gins (typically just shy of 10" in height and much narrower at the base) and it stands proud as a superlative example of early bottle glassmaking. $1150


 ITEM 9634. Late 18th/early 19th Century Stonware Pot with Blue Decoration. This unusually formed stoneware pot could have been made in the Hudson River Valley or in one of the many potteries operating along the CT/NY/NJ coast. The piece does have some rim roughness and a short crack extending from the top but as shown, it displays beautifully. $550


 ITEM 9209. BLOWN THREE MOLD "GIN" DECANTER WITH ORIGINAL BLOWN GLASS STOPPER classified as GIII-2 in McKearin's American Glass. Decanter was blown at the Brooklyn Flint Glass Works, Brooklyn, NY, C. 1840. This quart sized decanter stands 10 5/8"H and is undamaged. $595


 ITEM 9929. EARLY 20TH CENTURY DOUBLE SIDED GAMEBOARD incorporating painted cloth in its design and construction. The gameboard is roughly 16" square overall with a single, wide board surrounded by a narrow border secured with early round head nails. There is some expected wear to the cloth as one would expect of an oft utilized object. $295


 ITEM 8232. EMBROIDERED AND APPLIQUED TABLE MAT measuring 40" x 67". American, mid-19th century. Some minor repairs as shown. Retains vibrant color and a exhibits a modernistic sensibility. $4850


 ITEM 9212. BLOWN GLASS SPARKING LAMP with drawn foot, 16 vertical ribs and an applied solid glass handle. Lamp retains the original brass collar, burner and wick and is is perfect, undamaged condition. Pattern molded lamps of this type are very hard to come by. Piece stands 3 7/8"H (top tip of burner) and was blown in America, C. 1830. $365


   ITEM 9070. This fabulous late 19th century sheet metal weathervane was at one time owned by the noted NYC folk art dealer Susan Parrish. The piece is superbly well balanced and beautifully designed to convey an energetic yet graceful running horse. The surface is naturally pitted and shows some worn remains of paint - it has not been altered or enhanced in modern times. Measures 40"L x 28"H. $4200


ITEM 9301. What a face! This cast iron architectural element dates to the late 19th or early 20th century and it features both glass eyes and the "best" surface. The piece measures 15"H and it is presented on a beautifully designed custom made stand. $2850


 ITEM 9095. Though unsigned, this exquisite carved bird is quite obviously the work of a masterful late 19th/early 20th century carver and polychrome decorator. Each detail (both carved and painted) is rendered in the best possible manner and the sturdily designed base supports the delicate yet boldly executed bid to perfection. Object measures 5 3/8"H. $1175

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