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  ITEM 9070. This fabulous late 19th century sheet metal weathervane was at one time owned by the noted NYC folk art dealer Susan Parrish. The piece is superbly well balanced and beautifully designed to convey an energetic yet graceful running horse. The surface is naturally pitted and shows some worn remains of paint - it has not been altered or enhanced in modern times. Measures 40"L x 28"H. $4200


ITEM 10106. Standing 5 5/8"H, this hand molded figural stoneware dog bank was made by a skilled potter in the mid to late 19th century. The piece exhibits some wear but no damage. Much of the original painted highlights remain, most notably the name "Lois Pinkham" emblazoned on the collar. $1650


 ITEM 9838. Black soapstone inkwell inscribed "Solon Huntington - Orford, NH - July 14, 1825." This ink was likely carved to commemorate Lafayette's journey through New Hampshire in June of 1825. July 14 is of course Bastille Day. Ex. Grace and Elliot Snyder. Measures roughly 1 ¾"H x 2" SQ. $1350


ITEM 9876. This stunning two gallon jar is debossed "T. Harrington / Lyons" and it features a boldly rendered bunch of grapes. The piece dates C. 1860 and it presents in a remarkable state of preservation with no damage of consequence of concern. The clay is evenly colored and there is no "fry" in the blue decoration.



ITEM 9301. What a face! This cast iron architectural element dates to the late 19th or early 20th century and it features both glass eyes and the "best" surface. The piece measures 15"H and it is presented on a beautifully designed custom made stand. $2850


ITEM 9251. Decorated with an ochre colored floral design, this wonderful little stoneware flowerpot is likely the work of a Fort Edward, NY potter and it dates C. 1845. Diminutively sized at 5" in height, the piece exhibits fine proportions and it presents itself more than a century and a half after its production in as potted condition with no damage. $425


 ITEM 9095. Though unsigned, this exquisite carved bird is quite obviously the work of a masterful late 19th/early 20th century carver and polychrome decorator. Each detail (both carved and painted) is rendered in the best possible manner and the sturdily designed base supports the delicate yet boldly executed bid to perfection. Object measures 5 3/8"H. $975


 ITEM 9958. It is our belief that this double sided sign was made in the era (C. 1920) of the "Snow Trains" that brought skiers from the city to the mountains of Northern New England. As shown, one side displays beautifully - the other has been weathered. The sign is sizable at roughly 14" x 48"L but not too large to fit in a multitude of spaces. $1350


 ITEM 9929. This early 20th century wooden gameboard incorporates painted cloth in its design. The board is roughly 16" square and it is held together with early round head nails. There is some expected wear to the cloth. $475


ITEM CA0188. This beautifully formed 2 gallon ovoid stoneware jug is debossed "I. Seymour / Troy. Factory" and it dates C. 1830. The jug is decorated with a simple, yet pleasant blue floral design and it is undamaged, exhibiting only the minor flaws associated with the kiln such as stone pings and minor clay discoloration. $450

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